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Wrists LOL What are? Which to buy?

LoL wrists

muñecas LOLWE ARE GOING TO EXPLAIN to YOU what is a WRIST LOL and why they have become so famous. In addition, we have made a ranking of which to our opinion is the best wrists lol than we can find in the market, along with the best accessories for these intrepid wrists, therefore we made use small to you to decide what wrist to buy between all the options that exist.

The wrists lolwrist lolconsist of a series of balls surprise, which have much increased their popularity in the last years by children and children of ages between 3 and 5 years, they own different layers that when being turning them one by one, offer different surprises us lodged in their interior.

The exciting thing is that each layer brings a different surprise. And each one of the layers are little by little discovering to the wrists lol, when arriving at the center, can be found the great variety of accessories of this wrist, often we can find accessories as shoes, adornments, suits and a botellita, this one last one works to complement the wrist lol.

They exist more than 40 different modelswrists lol surprise of this infantile toy, all they are totally collectable, and as it spends the time its popularity is being increased more between the population.

One of the aspects most important to consider at the time of the purchase of the wrists lol, is the two presentations that they own:

  • First they are the calls €œTots€, this type of wrist lol in particular, it realises the function of an older sister, owns accessories as shoes, botellita, different accessories for the hair and some sunglasses.
  • The other model that can be obtained from this toy is the brother minors, these unlike the brother majors do not own 7 layers in the ball that surrounds them, normally only own 5, this model in particular hides to a wrist lol baby in diapers.

As we opened each one of the layers, we found the accessories that we can use in the wrist, or within these layers you even can find messages surprises.


Our ranking of the best wristswrist lolLOL

We have created this ranking using dedicated server hosting to help you to choose what wrist lol to buy, since in the market very many different versions exist.

Next we will show a listing to you of which to our opinion, they are the best wrists lol and what each must to offer to you.

1. LOL Surprise LOL Pearl Surprise, Multicoloured (Green)

This ball of surprises, particularly counts on one varied range of accessories, normally are 6. Once in the water fizz unfolds a rind and a rainbow, ordered to each other to release the surprise greater than contains the ball.

This surprise lodged in the rind lol comes being the two wrists, as much the sister older as the smaller sister in a special edition, is recommended for children and young majors to the 36 months of age (3 years).

wrists lol

To the being a toy recommended for children majors of 3 years, is necessary to consider that must maintain them in a controlled environment with the water, to avoid some disadvantage nonwished, preferably in a place where the girl or the boy can stay standing up during their game.

In this special edition of the wrists lol Pearl surprise we have several things, different accessories that we can find in a suitcase which additionally brings a purse including, in addition to the shell rainbow fizz and a marine shell for wrists, we have the wrist in its version of older sister and the version twins smaller.

This type of wrists is in their majority used by children between the ages of 5 and 8 years, since they have the sufficient age for the benefit to the maximum of all their range of games. This particular toy has become the best alternative for the gifts of the parents its daughters. Or it is at times of Christmas, birthday parties or simply a flattery as something accidental arrives at the life of your children, thus to fill to his days of different laughter and adventures by his way to interpret each one of the ideas in his game.

Like all the series, this product is very collectable, mainly thanks to its special edition and to own the two wrists lol, in addition this a little more commercial does them than other models.


2. LOL Surprise LOL Pearl Surprise, Multicoloured (Violet)

The wrists lol surprise can get to own diverse surprises in all their 6 contenedoras balls (they are generally 6), each of very well adorned brilliant them and, throwing diverse types of surprises for our children at the time of playing.

In the container of this ball surprise we can find that, in addition to becoming a purse also owns diverse accessories, that united one with the other we would have a game of complete bathroom in its interior.

Like the previous series, is recommended its use for children or children majors to the 3 years, since it owns several tiny pieces and accessories that are something, which can arrive to be ingested by small children and could cause to respiratory problems or any other evil that can cause much damage to them.

The content of this ball of surprises counts on 2 Pearl wrists suprise, a stock market of transport with handle, 6 balls with different accessories all adaptable ones as much for the sister older as for the smaller sister.

The recommendable use in particular to explore all the diversion of this ball of surprise, is to place the bubble of the rind in the water, to thus would leave all the light a shell which is the exclusive content of this model.

This model is totally collectable due to the surprise that happens when submerging them in frozen water, each of them produces one different effect, we invited as consumer to discover this effect to you with this product of the series lol, we are not going it to you to say here, because we do not want to ruin the surprise that you will take with this.


3. L.O.L surprise! €“ Megapack 50 surprises

wrist lol big surprise


With these wrists lol, greatest of all of them, would be managed to open a new world of experiences for our children, since it much more owns a great range of accessories in its balls surprise, owns in its interior more than 50 accessories, which will influence all a way different in the interpretation from the games of our children.

This package or package of balls has a triple incorporated function, since it is not a simple package. The package of the ball surprise, can be used as case of transport, case of storage or also as a game of bathroom.

Without mentioning that this case of balls of wrists lol, in particular owns a surprise at random for each case in particular, then we have is not the same surprise for each. This does highly collectable for whatever it knows on these wrists. For the simple reason of being able to count on the different surprises that bring to us.

LOL BIG surprise

The use under the supervision of an adult is always recommended, since it comes directed for a range of children and children a little more majors, these balls surprise are directed to children majors of 6 years.

As he is a little complicated to obtain them in stores due to commercial and the popular thing that have become, we can find them in webpages of sales as Amazon, where they are easier to even obtain and to the same sale price of the market or sometimes more cheap. The truth is that its price is something high, but is certain that it is worth it, because brings very many more containing than 3 or even 4 LOL Pearl Surprise of before mentioned.

This ball surprise gets to have a weight of the almost 0,5 kg, greatest of the saga, that counts on the great range of 50 accessories.

L.O.L. Surprise! - LLU03000 LOL Surprise, Mega Pack 50 surprises (Giochi Preziosi Spagna
  • Exclusive ball with more than 50 surprises to discover
  • It discovers the brothers of the LOL
  • You can take the ball as purse and keep it everything


4. L.O.L. Surprise €“ Confetti MGPLOL Confetti wrists

A very particular characteristic of this ball of surprises, is their 9 layers of pure diversion, in addition to their ball key ring. In its 9 layers you will find incredible surprises, one of them even counts on a cord that will be due to haul to obtain its inner diversion.

This surprise only hides you will be able to find out throwing it of the cord, otherwise you will not know that it will happen, we stimulated to you as consumer to live your own experience and not to ruin the moment we, will not reveal in what the surprise consists, you will have to discover it by your account, but he remembers €œhauls very hard of the cord€!

While it is more turning the wheel, more surprises will appear in the compartments, each turn to the wheel will be able to trigger a very particular surprise of the ball surprise, we assured to you that each of these movements will be funnier than the previous one.

confetti MGP colleci³n

The accessories have their particularitity, each ball surprise brings some accessory different, so that as you are obtaining more balls, major you will be making your collection.

Another one of the surprises that built-in east brings model is that, when bathing the wrist will be able to happen a change in the color, this special function do not own it the majority of the wrists, is why it does as collectable as all the other models.

Clear it is not of mentioning more than the use is for children majors to the 3 years.

L.O.L. Surprise! - Confetti MGP, 1 unit (Giochi Preziosi LLU10000) [assorted models]
  • Lol confetti MGP.
  • It obtains to 9 layers of diversion with this ball key ring.
  • 9 incredible surprises hope to you, one of which it will leave you astonished: you will have to throw of a cord and. Super€¦


5. L.O.L. Surprise €“ Lil Sisters Serie 3

lil wrist lol sistersThis ball of surprise of the wrists lol owns a range of 5 coverings or calls envelope layers, with the intensity to create an illusion lol as you are discovering each of these layers, since when removing them each of them will be able to offer an unexpected surprise to you in its interior.

You have the possibility of realising diverse combinations between the accessories that it owns, in addition to combining mascots for her. This series in particular owns more than 35 wrists than we can collect, each of them with different accessories for majors combinations among them, since the styles can get to vary.

When bathing the lil to sister or called wrist twins smaller, you will have an additional aquatic surprise, not only you can only mix the accessories with wrists lol, also you can mix enters them anyone of his two presentations, and thus extend your world of game.

This product includes a sticker, this one owns a secret message along with a collectable leaf, brings including a series of accessories, thus you will be able to count on different styles which can vary according to the taste of each.

He is ideal to develop to the exploratory mind of our children majors of 6 years, for that reason he is recommendable that their use is in spaces opened for a greater diversion.

Many people collect this ball surprise in particular, since the series counts on some 35 different wrists altogether lol, when collecting them all you will have an ample range of accessories for the interchange of models between the wrists.

LOL Surprise LIL Sisters Series 3 Wave 2
  • He discovers 5 surprises in each L.O.L. Surprise! Bola de Lil Sisters.
  • He bathes your L.O.L. Surprise! Lil Sister for an additional water surprise.
  • Mixture and combines accessories with your L.O.L. Surprise! Wrist and mascots for more surprising combinations.


6. L.O.L. Surprise Glitter  

LOL Surprise GlitterHere we have wrists lol of series 2. This series more shining is compared to series 1, owns some to each other 7 complementary layers, generating diversion in each of its revolving balls, as you are entering you in the surprises, more mysteries you are triggering.

The accessories that this series of wrists owns lol are the following:

  • Capacity to keep a secret message.
  • Leaf of collection.
  • A magical enchantment in the water bottle.
  • Pair of shoes.
  • Incorporation of a suit.
  • In addition to diverse accessories that we will find in its different layers.

But these are not all the surprises that this model brings! In addition to the accessories already mentioned, when feeding our wrist lol with the water bottle, will be able to realise a series of activities as, to cry, to spit and it could even get to only go to the bathroom with feeding it with his bottle from water.

In addition that has the secret ability, when bathing it will be able to change of color. Each model of the 35 collectable wrists that exist has an aspect in specific, discovers which is the color that changes each wrist, obtaining anyone of them.

When mentioning that 35 exist wrists lol in this series and each of them owns a different disguise, you have the possibility of making changes of disguises and the diverse accessories in your different wrists that you own, will be as having 35 times more wrists.

Of course, that while more wrists you own major will be the possibilities of creating new editions of your wrist, there are no limits for it, you must use your imagination and only you would create infinite combinations by the great amount of accessories that you can own.

Whenever you remove a layer, you feed the wrist with the bottle or you bathe it in water ten the security that a new surprise will appear filling your world of new diversions.

LOL Surprise - Glitter Series Collectable Wrist, 7 Surprises (Giochi Preziosi€¦
  • An unforgettable experience unboxing
  • It obtains seven layers of diversion with each wrist L.O.L. Glitter
  • As you develop, the ball will reveal a new mystery


7. L.O.L. Surprise. Biggie Pets. Model Rabbit

A ball surprise more in this type of collections of wrists lol. This model in particular of the LOL Surprise brand comes built-in the ball surprise a model rabbit that enters more to the fauna animal.

It comes in diverse tones multicoloured, which, allows us to enter us to the collectable ones more. Now it would not be enough to us with owning one of them. When being varying the type of color, they also vary the accessory interns who we will be discovering little by little in the layers of the surprise ball.

Once bought all the wrists lol and the different named accessories, it is impossible to see this model in particular and not to buy it. If we want to complete our incredible collection of wrists is necessary to acquire this incredible product and to let fly the imagination.

It is not very common that our children of 12 years play with this product since they would not be motivated of a form similar to some young of 5 to 6 years where he brings forth the imagination to the maximum and they are entered in the character with who they are playing then. It is why he is much more recommendable that uses them the small ones to this age.


8. L.O.L. Infantile backpack 

backpack muñecas LOL

This backpack comes thought about the adventures from your wrists lol, the main method of diversion of the smallest children of the house. This accessory arises being based on recommendations from a series of observant clients, who thought that it would be good not only for counting on our wrists in his different balls surprise in the homes, but with something more.

With this backpack we can take to our wrists lol where we want, or also to even use it to go to the school.

The recommendable use for this accessory goes as of the 6 years, so our small children and children you can use it to take the diversion to where they want.

LOL Surprise- Backpack Asylum LOL
  • Official product of L.O.L. Surprise.
  • Ideal for the day-care center or the free time.
  • Material: polyester. Size: 32 xs 25 xs 10 cm.


9. LOL Surprise Tritan Bottle

Bottle wrists LOL

This water bottle based on the world of the wrists lol, along with the infantile backpack matches very useful for the childhood of our children.

A product more of this brand than we can incorporate to our collection since all are not balls of surprises and wrists lol. Also of this prestigious brand, different accessories exist that us can make our easier life.

This accessory as much owns different presentations in its colors varied as in its main presentation. In this case it would be the presentation image, it gets to vary much and one adapts in particular to the tastes of each person.

It is an unisex accessory, like it can be used without the supervision of an adult since it will only be necessary to fill it of the liquid that is going to transport, we also have surprise unlimited hosting plans with the best deal of price.